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Disclaimer this is a Demo nothing is final and some things aren't finished at the moment.

Gamer Den? What's it about?

After moving to a new city due to your father getting a new job, You become a transfer student at the top school in the area known as "Shirogane High". Here students can participate in a variety of extracurricular activities with the school putting a lot of emphasis on joining a club. Luckily for you on the first day you get invited to join the gaming club.

From here you can start building relationships with the other members? Will you make lasting friendships with the members? or will you decide to do your own thing? Whatever it may be, It's up to you.

How much is completed?

So far what's playable is the Prologue and one of the route starts, This Visual novel is a work in progress and I plan to deliver at the very least monthly updates to add the rest of the planned content into the game and weekly dev blog post as well so you can see what I've worked on that week

Who's working on this Project?

Artist: https://deviantart.com/neotwenty1
Music: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/draks/


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Development log


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Game is dead.

Will their be a update any time so?


Interview I did - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Koev3cocoeU&t=3397s


Does this VN have gay romance?


Did an interview with someone soon if you want to see it I'll be posting it to this page

So far it's a very good visual novel, the cast has their own personality and quirks. very excited where you might take this, good job!

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when the update!? :D i want more;D


Is it gonna be for mac q.q this game looks so nice

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dose anyone else game crash on day 3/5 right when your done talkin?

I forgot to mention that I can't install the test build. Android 9, OnePlus 6

You have install from unknow sources turned on right?

Yes, of course I have.  Maybe it's my phones problem. I once had the same issue with another VN, but it suddenly worked. I was able to install it. 

Thank you for your concern though.

No problem, I'll try to have an update out soon, been swamped with work

I appreciate you trying the game as well

Once I am able to play it I will make sure to leave constructive criticism.

I hope you do well and don't overwork yourself. From what I can see from other VN creators it is hard work. Some of them even abandoned their projects like the Morenatsu or Project Aego team.

Hello, I am interested in this VN and curious if you could make an Android version. I have no access to a computer currently.


I am so happy about that. Visual novels are obviously shorter than actual books and therefore always appreciated. I will make sure I check it out soon. I wish you success and fun while making VN's and hope you will be doing fine. :)


This game is awesome! Loved the music, the backgrounds, all the characters designs, the way the characters interacted with one another, overall this is a really fun game and I enjoyed it a lot. Can’t wait to see this develop!